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Panel saw with tilting blade and sliding table 3200 mm  
* 2 axes scoring unit with ON-OFF motorized adjustment  
* TOUCH SCREEN electronic programmer with  
graphic video 5,7" SIEMENS "SIMATIC TP 177 A":  
* Programming of the rip fence  
* Programming of the blade lifting  
- Programming of the blade tilt  
- Electronic display of the scoring unit  
- Automatic star-delta start  
PROGRAM machines are complete with:  
- Programming of rip fence position with automatic  
compensation of the size with blade tilt  
- Automatic calculation of the upper and lower height  
of the panel to cut  
- Rip fence driven by re-circulating ball screw and  
precision linear guide.  
Translation speed max. 15 m/1'  
- Programming of blade lifting in relation to the  
thickness of the panel to be cut and blade tilting  
- Blade tilting programming  
- Automatic calculation of the position value of the flip  
over stop on extensible fence of the cross-cut carriage  
the result is the upper and lower value of the panel to be  
cut and the compensation of the value with blade tilt.  
- Possibility to memorize up to 650 working programs  
on 3 axes  
- Programming of max. 10 sequential values of the three axis  
with each program  
- Calculation of the tilting angle of the fence  
of the cross cut carriage  
- Program for blade and speed change  
- Automatic display of data and alarm messages  
- Adjustable hanging panel board  
- Rip fence unit hiding completely under the working table  
Technical data:  
- Sliding table sizes:  
- UNICA 500/2150 385X2150 mm.
- UNICA 500/2600 385x2600 mm.
- UNICA 500/3200 385x3200 mm.

The machines are equipped with:  
- 2 axes scoring unit with motorized adjustment on-off  
- Aluminium carriage sliding on high precision  
ground steel bars  
- Anodized carriage and profiles  
- Aluminium fence +30°-45°  
- Increased extensible fence on cross-cut carriage  
with lever locking of the flip over stops and  
read-out with LED  
- Rip fence with micrometric adjustment  
- Blade speed change from the table  
- Table extension  
- Parallelogram saw blade safety guard  
- Positioning of the fence of the cross-cut carriage  
with compensation of the height in relation to  
the tilting angle  
- Quick selection of 5 fixed positions of  
the flip over stop on the cross cut fence  
- Blade unit tilt through linear actuator  
- Blade lifting unit sliding on 2 linear precision guides  
- Central lubrication of the lifting unit  
- Blade unit with double separate suction for main  
and scoring blade  
- - 'CE' standards  


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